The city of Predeal has a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists, from monuments and churches, to fairy tale landscape. Also, it is situated in the vicinity of other important historical and cultural landmarks of Romania.


Monuments and Churces

For future generations to remember the heroic deeds of their ancestors, Predeal has a display of monuments, such as the Statue Group of the Predeal Defenders and the Monument for Mihail Saulescu, a poet-soldier who was injured and died during the First World War. Also, the citizens of Predeal are proudly attending to the two cemeteries, Timisul de Sus and Valea Rasnoavei, dedicated to soldiers who fought and fell to protect their land during WWI.

The most prominent historic building in Predeal is the Customs building, dating back to the middle of the 19th century, situated near the present-day fire station.

For those interested in religious sites, a must-see is the Predeal Monastery, founded in 1774 at the base of the Clabucetul Taurului mountain. According to historical documents, in 1788, during the Russian-Turkish war, the site was burned to the ground, only to be rebuilt afterwards. The wooden structures of the new site were replaced 30 years later by stone structures, in 1819. The big church, currently used for Mass, dates back to 1830s. Since 1919 the site is declared historical monument and is subsequently restored in 1940s, 1950s and 1970s. During the Communist Regime, the site is kept only as a historical monument, its religious purpose being cancelled.


In the city center, lies “the heart of Predeal”, the Orthodox Church “Sfintii Imparati Constantin si Elena”, built in the 1990s. The building is designed in the mountain style, new for the classic religious architecture and its representative for the entire Prahova Valley.


The town of Predeal is surrounded by a picturesque mix of coniferous forests and alpine meadows. The air is clean and fresh and the pressure is low, which makes the place perfect for relaxation and revival of the entire body.

Among the notable natural sites surrounding Predeal, is the Tamina Cascade (at 1.100m altitude), which is actually a string of 5 cascades, the highest of which is 10 m, and which is home to numerous species and habitats protected at national and European level. Another natural site worthy of attention is the Seven Stairs Canion, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is situated at 980 m altitude and has a length of 160 m, with a total level variation of 58 m. The stairs have hights between 8 and 35 m and is a natural witness of morphological evolution of the entire Piatra Mare massive. Last, but not least, near Timisul de Jos the wondering tourist may find the Ice Cage, with an opening of 50 m, within which the temperature is low all-year-round. During winter, Predeal is very attractive for winter sports lovers, who are able to enjoy 7,6 km of ski slopes with various degrees of difficulty, which are also equipped with artificial snow installations.





  • Peles Castle
  • Pelisor Castle
  • Sinaia Monastery
  • Memorial House “George Enescu”
  • Sinaia Casino
  • Sinaia Gondola
  • Sinaia Cable
  • Ghica Park and Museum of the Natural Reservation Bucegi



  • Biserica Domneasca
  • Caraiman Monastery
  • Cantacuzino Castle
  • Cezar Petrescu Museum
  • Busteni Cable



  • Bran Castle
  • Tabernacle Wall “Heart of Queen Maria”
  • “Stela Maris” Chaple



  • Rasnov fortress
  • Valea Cetatii Cave
  • Dino Park



  • Harman Fortified Church


  • Prejmer fortress


  • Saint Nicholas Church
  • Fagaras fortress
  • Samabata de Sus Monastery



  • First Romanian School
  • Saint Nicholas Church
  • Casa Sfatului
  • Cetatuia
  • Black Church
  • Blacksmiths’ Stronghold
  • Rope-makers Stronghold
  • Graft Stronghold
  • Drapers’ Stronghold
  • Weavers’ Stronghold
  • Honterus House
  • Muresenilor House
  • Schei Gate
  • White Tower
  • Black Tower