Accommodation for the participants will be provided within the “Ion Gh. Rosca” Training Center of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies in Predeal, depending on availability. The complex comprises 30 double and single rooms, meal-serving facilities and a relaxation area.

Activities will take place in an adjacent building to the accommodation facilities.


How to get to the venue

From abroad

There is no airport in Predeal and the nearest international airports are either in Bucharest or in Brasov. From there follow the instructions in the ‘From Predeal’ section.


Outside the Arrivals terminal there are a train station and a bus stop.

If you plan to travel to Predeal by train and your flight allows you to take the train from the airport, that would be the easiest way. There are 6 trains that run between the airport (Otopeni Nord PO) and the Central Train Station in Bucharest (Bucuresti Nord), half in the morning and half in the afternoon. It is possible to buy a connection ticket to Predeal directly and the system will give you the feasible options based on possible combinations between the train connecting the airport to Bucuresti Nord and options for route Bucuresti Nord to Predeal. There is no direct train from the airport to Predeal.

Alternatively, if the train transfer from the airport to the train station is not feasible for you (for example, wait time from landing until next train is too long), you can take city bus number 100 which runs every 15 minutes during the day (6 AM – 11 PM) and every 30 minutes during the night. You can find more information about it here. The bus does not go to the train station so you should get off at Piata Victoriei stop and take the subway (yellow line) 1 stop to Gara de Nord (towards Republica) from there.

A direct option from the airport to Predeal is by bus. You can find more info here. For accurate information change the date to your planned travel date.


From Brasov airport you can take bus A1 to the train station (5 stops to Gara Brasov) and from there, one of the many trains that connect Brasov and Predeal.

There is also a bus option from the airport to Predeal directly, for which you can find more info here. For accurate information change the date to your planned travel date.

From Romania

For detailed information on how to get the the venue, follow the instructions in the ‘From Predeal’ section.

By train

The fastest way to get to Predeal from Bucharest is by train, as the road traffic is quite congested during the summer months. To take the train, you can buy tickets here, using the following information:

  • From: Bucuresti Nord
  • To: Predeal
  • Departure date: date of your travel

There is a large number of options to choose from, the first train leaving around 6 AM and the last at about 9 PM, with about one train every hour. Depending on the train you choose, the journey can last between 2 and 3.5 hours.

In case you are planning to travel to Predeal by train, we strongly recommend you to book your tickets in advance as trains tend to be very busy during the summer. If bought online in advance (14-28 days) you can also get a discount for individual journeys that is usually bigger than the round trip discount.

The trip from Brasov to Predeal by train takes about 35-40 minutes and there are many options of direct trains to choose from between about 3:30 AM and 20:30 PM.

By bus

For bus options, you can use this website to find routes and services. Please visit the website when you intend to book the tickets as offers might change depending on demand.

From Predeal

When arriving in Predeal, you will most likely get off at the train station, as buses also stop near it.

The walk from the train station to the venue is about 1.1km long (15 minutes) and is a straight line from the blue train sign on the map below, down along the yellow road to the red pin.

The entrance is right after the big yellow building (Liceul Teoretic Mihail Saulescu) then follow the green line as shown here.